Rory Gallagher – Rory Gallagher (50th Anniversary Vinyl 3LP)


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Artist – Rory Gallagher

Title – Rory Gallagher : 50th Anniversary (Vinyl 3LP)

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Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher 50th Anniversary Vinyl 3LP

Celebrating Rory Gallagher’s debut solo album with a triple LP vinyl set.


Side A

  1. Laundromat – 50th Anniversary Edition
  2. Just The Smile – 50th Anniversary Edition
  3. I Fall Apart – 50th Anniversary Edition
  4. Wave Myself Goodbye – 50th Anniversary Edition
  5. Hands Up – 50th Anniversary Edition

Side B

  1. Sinner Boy – 50th Anniversary Edition
  2. For The Last Time – 50th Anniversary Edition
  3. It’s You – 50th Anniversary Edition
  4. I’m Not Surprised – 50th Anniversary Edition
  5. Can’t Believe It’s True – 50th Anniversary Edition

Side C

  1. Gypsy Woman – Tangerine Studio Session
  2. It Takes Time – Tangerine Studio Session
  3. I Fall Apart – Tangerine Studio Session
  4. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 3
  5. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 4
  6. Advision Jam

Side D

  1. Laundromat – Alternate Take 1
  2. Just The Smile – Alternate Take 1
  3. Wave Myself Goodbye – Alternate Take 2
  4. Hands Up – Alternate Take 2

Side E

  1. Sinner Boy – Alternate Take 3
  2. For The Last Time – Alternate Take 1
  3. It’s You – Alternate Take 2
  4. I’m Not Surprised – Alternate Take 1

Side F

  1. For The Last Time – Live On BBC “Sounds Of The Seventies” / 1971
  2. Laundromat – Live On BBC “Sounds Of The Seventies” / 1971
  3. It Takes Time – Live On BBC “Sounds Of The Seventies” / 1971
  4. I Fall Apart – Live On BBC “Sounds Of The Seventies” / 1971

Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher 50th Anniversary Vinyl 3LP

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