LNZNDRF II (Clear White Vinyl)

LNZNDRF II (Clear White Vinyl)


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Title – II (Clear White Vinyl)

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LNZNDRF II Clear White Vinyl

LNZNDRF’s II is a mass hypnotism, somehow both thunderous and


Recorded in extensive, shamanistic jam sessions at Austin’s Public

Hi-Fi in September 2019 and later edited down to give it shape,

these songs feel like Right Now, with some toes testing the waters

of the future.

The brothers Scott and Bryan Devendorf (The National), Ben Lanz

(The National, Beirut) and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Arntz (Beirut,

Grizzly Bear) are in headlamps and spelunking gear, descending

into a somnambulant space. Album deep cut “Ringwoodite,” with

it’s skittering, lithe and precise drums, is a summer sparkler of

song — whizzing by at such a clip it leaves you giddily following its

traces. On its heels are the computer lover “Gaskiers” and comeon-

slow motorik anthem “Stowaway” that, while not connected by

sound, work in tandem to put LNZNDRF fully in the canon of

strange and indelible krautrock.

Its incantations seem to beckon the dystopia of present day as

much as they beckon the Big Mystery awaiting us when we finally

bust through its barrier. It won’t be a utopia but it will at least be

something different. As it goes on the lysergic post-punk standout

“You Still Rip”: “We’ll live like fruitless trees towards endless

breeze linked as we please, the burning bridges smolder in our

wake.” Red rover, red rover, send LNZNDRF over.

LNZNDRF II Clear White Vinyl


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