James Yorkstone The Wide Wide River Coloured Vinyl

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James Yorkstone The Wide Wide River Coloured Vinyl


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Artist – James Yorkstone & The Second Hand Orchestra

Album – The Wide, Wide River (Green Vinyl)

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James Yorkstone The Wide Wide River Coloured Vinyl

 James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra release ‘The

Wide, Wide River’. The album came to be after the blossoming

of a long-term friendship between James Yorkston and Karl-

Jonas Winqvist, the Swedish music producer, leader and

conductor of The Second Hand Orchestra.

 That communal feeling is apparent across the entire album.

Recorded and mixed in Sweden over the course of three days,

with a selection of musicians Winqvist had brought together,

including Peter Morén (Peter, Bjorn & John), Cecilia Österholm

(one of Sweden’s best-known nyckelharpa players), Emma

Nordenstam (piano & cello) and Ulrika Gyllenberg (violin).

 The studio approach with The Second Hand Orchestra was

entirely improvised around Yorkston’s songs and the only song

they heard in advance was ‘Ella Mary Leather’; Yorkston didn’t

want to direct anyone too much but instead allowed for a

welcoming, instinctive, free-spirited and joyful atmosphere.

‘The Wide, Wide River’ is a soothing, warm and sublime listen

whilst also highlighting Yorkston’s skills for songwriting,

collaboration and as a musical conductor. The record takes in

past loves, advancing age and friends now gone, whilst also

containing some of the most sanguine songs Yorkston has ever



Ella Mary Leather

To Soothe Her Wee Bit


Choices, Like Wide Rivers


There Is No Upside

A Droplet Forms

A Very Old-Fashioned


We Test The Beams

James Yorkstone The Wide Wide River Coloured Vinyl