Grateful Dead – Fillmore West 1969 (Vinyl 3LP)


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Artist – Grateful Dead

Album – Fillmore West San Francisco CA 3/1/1969 (Vinyl 3LP)

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Grateful Dead Fillmore West 1969 Vinyl 3LP

Available for the first time on Vinyl. Produced for release by David Lemieux. “Many years ago, in the tape trading era, there were certain years in the Grateful Dead’s history for which tapes were quite rare; thankfully, the tapes from the rarer years that we did have in our collections tended to be some of the best of that particular year. And from the 1969, the tape that we listened to more than any other was 3/1/69. It is an exceptionally well-played show, and is a microcosmic representation of the Grateful Dead’s three albums from 1968-1969, played chronologically. Opening with Anthem Of The Sun’s That’s It For The Other One and the penultimate live performance of New Potato Caboose, the show then proceeds with four straight songs from the next album, 1969’s Aoxomoxoa. These then flow directly into the piece de résistance, the Live/Dead suite. Even by 1969 standards, 3/1/69 has a manic, controlled-chaos energy, most certainly feeling like a Saturday night celebration at their hometown venue, which it was. From a year with countless A+ performances, 3/1/69 stands out as one of the best.” – David Lemieux.

Grateful Dead Fillmore West 1969 Vinyl 3LP

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