Gerry Cinnamon The Bonny Definitive Edition Coloured Vinyl


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Artist – Gerry Cinnamon

Album – The Bonny Definitive Edition (Coloured Vinyl)

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Gerry Cinnamon The Bonny Definitive Edition Coloured Vinyl

So Gerry Cinnamon has released a new “definitive” version of his second album ‘The Bonny’, which includes a brand new single — you can listen to ‘Ghost’ below.

This version of the album also includes newly recorded takes of ‘Kampfire Vampire’ and ‘Fickle McSelfish.‘Ghosts’, which Cinnamon explains “was written around the same time as ‘Kampfire Vampire’, ‘Fickle McSelfish’, and ‘Roll the Credits’, so it’s good to have them all on the same record”, has also been released today.

Speaking about this new version of ‘The Bonny’, Cinnamon explained: “Been waiting a long time to get those tunes back. Should have been on the first album but that’s what happens when you trust the wrong people.”

This “definitive” version of ‘The Bonny’ features new artwork that was taken from the series used for the alternating covers on the original pressing of the album. You can see the new artwork below



Kampfire Vampire

War Song Soldier

Where We’re Going

Head In The Clouds

Dark Days

The Bonny

Sun Queen


Roll The Credits



Fickle McSelfish

Six String Gun

Every Man’s Truth

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Gerry Cinnamon The Bonny Definitive Edition Coloured Vinyl

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