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Fontaines DC A Hero’s Death Deluxe Edition Vinyl


Artist – Fontaines DC
Album – A Hero’s Death (Deluxe Edition 45RPM) 2LP
Label – Partisan
Price – £29.99

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Fontaines DC A Hero’s Death Deluxe Edition Vinyl

A Hero’s Death is the second studio album by Irish post-punk band Fontaines D.C. The album was released on 31 July 2020 through Partisan Records, less than 18 months after the release of their debut album Dogrel. The album received critical acclaim upon its release, signifying a partial departure from their bubbling and anxiety-inducing post-punk sound found on their first record to the incorporation of more dream-like and psychedelic aspects having taken inspiration from The Beach Boys, to name but one of many influences, during the writing of the record

At aggregating website Metacritic, A Hero’s Death has received a normalised rating of 84, based on 23 critical reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”.[9]

Writing for Pitchfork, Elizabeth Nelson gave the album an 8.1 out of 10, describe A Hero’s Death as “heady, funny, and fearless.” Nelson summarised the album as “a maudlin and manic triumph, a horror movie shot as comedy, equal parts future-shocked and handcuffed to history.”[1] Guardian writer, Ben Beaumont-Thomas, gave the album a perfect five stars out of five stating that Fontaines D.C. “deliver a difficult but powerful second album full of songwriting that stares life in the face.”[13]

A few music critics offered a more mixed view of A Hero’s Death. Liam Martin, writing for AllMusic, awarded the album three-and-a-half stars out of five, feeling that their sophomore effort was not up to par with their debut, Dogrel. Martin said “their debut benefited from strong singles and a cohesive locational element to give it strength. Here the singles are not as strong, and the sweaty vibe from the debut is gone, as if someone has switched on the air conditioning.”[10] Martin did concede that “their second attempt only falls short of greatness in a relative sense, as there is still plenty to love about the album.”[10]

Fontaines DC A Hero’s Death Deluxe Edition Vinyl