Dirty Projectors 5EPs Vinyl


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Artist – Dirty Projectors

Album – 5EPs Vinyl Coloured Limited Edition 2LP

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Dirty Projectors 5EPs Vinyl

Dirty Projectors’ 2020 five four-song EPs, each

strikingly different from the next, all come together

in a 20-song anthology titled ‘5EPs’.

 Each EP features lead vocals by a different band

member: Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass, Kristin

Slipp and Dave Longstreth, who all trade verses on

the series closer.

 Maia’s ‘Windows Open’ is acoustic and folky,

Felicia’s ‘Flight Tower’ is both soulful and

electronic, Dave’s ‘Super João’ is a four-track bossa

nova homage to João Gilberto, Kirstin’s ‘Earth

Crisis’ is a cut-up orchestral collage in the mode of

through-composed art song, whereas the final EP

‘Ring Road’ weaves together the emotional,

stylistic, and lyrical threads explored in the prior

four EPs.

Dirty Projectors 5EPs Vinyl

Dirty Projectors has always been a balancing act—an experiment in counterweights, and the calibrated chaos that results from tipping the scales. Frontman Dave Longstreth deals in reds and blues, innocence and experience, assembling strange geometries from the building blocks of the pop idiom. But what’s remarkable about Flight Tower, the second of five planned EPs from a reinvigorated Dirty Projectors, is just how stable it feels. Across four tracks, Longstreth and his collaborators grasp at defined boundaries and solid forms, drawing on the freed-up sensibility of 2018’s Lamp Lit Prose to present long-held affectations with renewed immediacy.

With three new members now officially in the lineup—Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass, and Kristin Slipp, all accomplished solo musicians with their own projects—Dirty Projectors are a group effort for the first time since the early 2010s. Their harmonies swirl, punctuate, and hang in the air. Where Windows Open, the first of the five EPs, featured Friedman on lead vocals, Flight Tower centers Douglass (Slipp will steer the third and Longstreth the fourth, with “everyone trading verses” on the fifth). The Dirty Projectors catalog is full of flashy vocal performances and declarative multi-part harmonies, but Douglass’ voice runs cooler and subtler, its smoothness an antidote Dave Longstreth’s ceaselessly complicated arrangements. Under her aegis, the music breathes.

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