Chubby & The Gang – Speed Kills (Black Vinyl)


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Artist – Chubby & The Gang

Title – Speed Kills (Black Vinyl)

CAT – PTKF2193-5

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Chubby & The Gang Speed Kills Black Vinyl

The Jimmie Rodgers Snow speech that opens Chubby and the Gang’s Speed Kills is famous for its sanctimony, linking the liberating qualities of rock ‘n’ roll to juvenile delinquency: “I know the evil feeling that you feel when you sing it, I know the lost position that you get into,” he exhorts. But Snow, a legacy country singer who hobnobbed with famous musicians but walked away from a recording contract with RCA to preach the evils of rock ‘n’ roll, understood one thing about it better than most: Before a word is sung or a riff is strummed, it’s the beat that moves you.

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Chubby & The Gang Speed Kills Black Vinyl

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