New Releases & News for this week at Strip Joint Records

So Its finally Arctic Monkey at Albert Hall week. We have been building to thud for a while now and its been our biggest seller of the year so far (its not even out yet).

Its also release week for Deafheaven. A big favourite here at SJR we are gutted this is an “in studio” live album because that means we are reminded this was supposed to be a live album from an actual tour (mind those? ). But still lets just think of it as a live greatest hits. The artwork is stunning and its coloured vinyl so hit the link below as stocks are low.

#LoveRecordStores Independent Albums of the Year 2020

We have received the first batch of the #LoveRecordStores Independent Albums of the Year selections.

These are available to buy on Saturday 5th Dec at 6pm. No previews sorry!!!

But trust us you won’t be disappointed, some of the best albums of the year have been repressed on immaculate coloured vinyl and some have even more extra goodies in terms of inserts and artwork, collectors items in the making.

Its a low numbered event and as we are small we started low. So keep an eye out for the announcement on Thursday this week.

We also have a tonne of new releases so will do another wee update later in the week!!

New Releases & News for this week at Strip Joint Records